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июл 21 2017

Monoflat Infographics Icons - CM 944910

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Monoflat Infographics Icons - CM 944910

Monoflat Infographics Icons - CM 944910

Hey guys, allow us to introduce our breathtaking collection of infographic icons — Monoflat Infographics. The series consists of 480 vector icons made from painstakingly detailed mini-artwork. The powerful metaphor-driven icons are divided into 40 sets of 12 images each divided into topics that are applicable in a wide range of fields, from infographics to video and web design. They are easily customizable and can be re-colored to fit your brand, project or style. Why should I think Monoflat Infographics is so awesome? The powerful, unique metaphors are ready to be used in many ways; The meticulously handcrafted symbols can be used for not only infographics, but for video, web, print and almost any creative field you can imagine; Stroke weight control with vector scalability will surely ease the work?ow of any designer; A neatly organized icons and files structure; Available in the most commonly used sizes and major formats; Our friendly support is always happy to lend you a hand! ... What’s inside the box? 480 powerful visual concepts; 40 of AI CS6 files with 12 images per set with editable strokes; 40 of EPS CS6 files with 12 images per set with editable strokes; One PDF file for a quick preview (vector format); Two PNG's files for a quick preview (raster format); Ready to use assets: Isolated PNG's in 2 sizes (original and 2x large); Isolated SVG's of each icon with an expanded strokes; As always, we will be really thankful to you for any comments and suggestions about our product. Best of luck and happy designing!

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