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авг 29 2015

Изысканный шрифт с фигурными линиями

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Метки: Luxury, otf, gfx, nitroflare, myfonts
Изысканный шрифт с фигурными линиями

Изысканный шрифт с фигурными линиями
6 OTF | 311 KB

It has cursive forms, with highly slanted and condensed characters, giving continuity to the over all feel of bodies of text. The added flourishing available enhances the beauty of the forms, making display images exude the richness of royalty. And the use of the frames (a separate font available with the Pro package) and panels (also found in the Flourishes version) can add even more grace to designs. Luxury was created with the new Bride in mind. The font is ideal for wedding invitations and events where opulence is celebrated. Few formal scripts have the elegance of traditional copperplate appeal combined with the newness of 21st century design.
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