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фев 05 2016

Friendly Icons Font - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 27527

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Friendly Icons Font - Creativemarket 27527

Friendly Icons Font - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 27527
161 SVG, CSS, TXT, JS, EOT, WOFF, TTF | Web Font | 2.2 Mb

Social icon font includes160 hand-drawn icons featured in the original Friendly Icons set by Hand-Drawn Goods. Icon font allows seamlessly add icons to web layouts and style each icon with CSS, saving time from generating sprites or editing the images. Friendly Icons Font contains 160 characters, and is provided in EOT, SVG, WOFF, TTF formats necessary for the font-face, ready to be used on a website. There is also CSS file with all font classes and a demo HTML document showing all the font glyphs and mappings. For those who would prefer to generate a custom social icon font using only those Friendly Icons glyphs that are needed for your project - we included source file for each icon in SVG format. You can easily generate custom font using SVG vector source files in one of the web font generators, such as icomoon.com or fontello.com. This will reduce site load time with no quality loss and bust the performance even more!

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