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апр 19 2016

LineArt Icons - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 17209

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LineArt Icons - Creativemarket 17209

LineArt Icons - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 17209
AI, SVG, 2 PSD, 2800 PNG | Tileable | 15 Mb

LineArt icons came out as is a result of many months of designing and experimenting with line-based pictograms. My ultimate aim was to create something distinct, so every individual pictogram consists of a combination of two line weights, thin and thick. The thick one usually encompasses the general icon shape, while the thin one further describes it visually. What you'll get are 700 icons, containing many specific categories such as: web and interface, arrows, office, multimedia, electronics, food & drink, vehicles, finance & commerce, sports, camping, nature, science technology and other miscellaneous icons. The file types included are: AI, EPS, SVG, PSD and PNG. The base-line grid is optimized for 24x24 px, so keeping up the progression of doubles (48x48, 96x96 etc.) will retain maximum compatibility and crisp look.

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