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дек 15 2015

CM - Offset Powerpoint Template 471899

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CM - Offset Powerpoint Template 471899

CM - Offset Powerpoint Template 471899
PPT, PPTX | 1920 x 1020 px | 85 Mb

Give rich personality to your story with the Offset Presentation Templates for Powerpoint. They're great for digital eBooks, digital photo albums, business and creative presentations! These 53 hand crafted, high-definition master slides have been specifically designed with a retro screen printed style - complete with distressed textures, ink spots and custom graphics - all updated for modern day information about social media, digital content and user statistics.
Adjust the design for your personal vision with this highly customizable template. You can insert your favorite icons from the selection of over 500 free font based styles and define your own mix-and-match color themes from tons of extra hand-crafted graphics and swatches. Or, simply insert your text to the existing template as-is, pop in your images and data and in just minutes you'll be ready to crush it with your professionally designed Powerpoint presentation.
This ppt template kit includes:
318 high definition master slides
6 .pptx, .ppt and .thmx files
6 fully editable coordinating color systems
53 unique custom screen designs
Over 175 custom made icons as separate .png files
12 photo gallery layouts
23 hand made infographic charts
3 light and 3 dark layouts for all lighting situations
Easily editable automatic data charts
Placeholders for images and embedded video
Extensive getting started guide with tons of tips and resources
Uses free fonts with web links provided on the front page of the Help Guide.
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