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июн 18 2018

Web Design Kit for Bloggers - CM 2518216

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Web Design Kit for Bloggers - CM 2518216

Web Design Kit for Bloggers - CM 2518216

I’m happy to introduce you this enormous Web Design Kit for bloggers and other creativepreneurs. I used to work as a web designer for many years, so I put all my passion and vision into this kit to make it handy and useful for everybody who wants to create a website design for personal blog or for the clients. In designing I prefer minimalistic and feminine style, that’s why this Kit is all about simple, elegant shapes, elements and colours. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop you can create lots of different projects using the elements of the pack - banners, buttons, logotypes, premade branding boards and so on. If you don’t have Photoshop, that’s not a problem - I included PNG files for most of the elements so you can use them in any software that supports PNG format (Word, Paint, GIMP utility, Inkscape, different online editors and many other tools.) There will be many free updates of this pack in future! So stay tuned! What you will get: Over 130 decorative elements (branches, shapes, borders, logo elements and so on) in .AI and .PNG | 8 logo templates in .PSD and .PNG | 10 header decorations in .AI and .PNG | 12 buttons/titles/banners in .PSD and .PNG | 12 premade image holders for your blog (in .PSD and .PNG) | 66 social media icons in .AI and .PNG | 26 seamless patterns in .JPG | 14 web banners templates in .PSD and .JPG | About 100 handdrawn arrows in .AI and .PNG | different other elements | 4 premade web branding boards in .PSD and .JPG | 1 premade website templates in .PSD and .EPS | Txt file with links to all the free images&fonts

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