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сен 11 2014

CreativeMarket - 3D Retro Text Creator 32020

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CreativeMarket - 3D Retro Text Creator 32020

CreativeMarket - 3D Retro Text Creator 32020
37 Photoshop actions to create 3D retro text with just one click! These actions are a great way to turn any boring flat text into beautiful 3D typography. They also work great on logos and insignia.
ATN | 408 Kb

- 37 Photoshop actions
- Left and right facing extrusions
- Text remains editable after applying 3D effects
- All text styles are editable
- One-click to undo actions
- Three sizes and four retro text styles
- Works with multiple layers or group selected
- Includes a "Play All Effects" action
- No raster patterns or layers used
- Works great with retro logos and insignias
- Takes advantage of Photoshop CS6 and CC features
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