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мар 02 2018

Stitch And Embroid Titan Action Pack - 2294950

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Метки: Action Photoshop Effect
Stitch And Embroid Titan Action Pack - 2294950

Stitch And Embroid Titan Action Pack - 2294950

ATN, ABR, PAT | 270 mb

Is a very powerful and very large Photoshop Action Set, that consists of 200+ actions, 180+ brushes and presets, 100+ fabric patterns, two bonus mock-ups and detailed documentation. All these assets are unique and made specifically for this item. With endless possibilities and highly realistic look, this elaborated product can make your art really stand out of the crowd.
Each action is crafted with care on every step of the way and possibilities of "Error Message Popups", are minimized to the lowest level possible. All actions has been tested over 100 times using Photoshop CS6, CC 2015, 2016, 2017 and proved working. Actions are combine-able and working with any file you can past in, or create in Photoshop. Also works with multi-selections and groups. Purchasing this item, you get 9 sets of actions. Each set has its own main actions that comes in 4 sizes + preset actions. Presets will help you get best results very fast and with no post production. These actions and all other assets are properly named, so you can always know your way around.
Patterns are all seamless and well executed with no visible repeating. Some patterns are colored, some are gray for textures and some has a transparent background. Here you can find many types of fabrics like jersey, denim, leather, Aida....etc. Patterns come in 2 sizes, 1000px and 1500px.
These brushes are actually, types of stitches, not very large in size, but large enough to fit in very high resolution images. All stitches comes with 3 brushes (holes, diffuse and lights). There is an action for every decorative stitch, so you have nothing to worry about. Simply make a path selection and apply a desirable action.
Two Embroidery Hoop Mock-ups are photo-realistic 3d renderings made in to mock-ups that are created especially for this item. Each main action, creates a smart object that can be past in to a mock-up. Past your art in to a mock-up and you will have a photo-realistic representation of your work. Lights in mock-ups has the same light direction as produced by actions, so your art will perfectly fit. All layers in mock-ups are properly named so it's easy to understand and use. Mock-up come in two sizes, 4000x2500pix and 4000x3000pix. More mock-ups will be available for purchase as an addition to this action pack. So, if you are interested, you can check out my shop for new mock-ups. All complementary mock-ups to this item will be clearly indicated

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