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дек 22 2014

CM - The Aquarellist Brushes 135707

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CM - The Aquarellist Brushes 135707

CM - The Aquarellist Brushes 135707
TPL, JPG | Requirements: Adobe CS6+ | 44.43 Mb

These are the amazing Watercolour Brushes for Photoshop that I've created a few years ago and never published... until dec. 12, 2014! Improved and expanded!
This pack actually includes more than 100 Brushes / Tool Presets that realistically emulates Watercolours and Ink Washings without the need of weird and complicated tricks, just paint using the pen pressure and direction combining different brushes to obtain that natural wet effects!
I know the first impression, besides blow your mind, could be overwhelming due to the number and variety of this high quality brushes, so… take your time to practice and find wich ones are your favorites, combine them, experiment, etc.

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