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авг 03 2015

CM - Feather brushes for illustrator 329141

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CM - Feather brushes for illustrator 329141

CM - Feather brushes for illustrator 329141
AI, EPS | 11.59 MB

Create realistic feathers easy with this amazing set of feather brushes.
Incredible set from 12 brushes imitate of bird feathers for Adobe Illustrator. Every feather was filigree drawn in Adobe.
Also were used real feathers for more details and feather texture.
100% vector
Ideal for creativity. Nice for using in any projects
How to use:
1) Unzip archive
2) In Adobe Illustrator go to the window- brush libraries- other library and locate brushes (all brushes located in folder by name Brushes for open in brush library)
3) That's all. Enjoy! You can select a brush that you want and draw use the brush tool Change the color and stroke as you want
What include:
AiCS2 files with brushes comparable with CS2+Ilustrator. You can see it on a second preview.
1 EPS10 file with the same brushes
Preview of sets (also with brushes) in JPG and AiCS2 format (I include it for you for better navigation, see the second preview)
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