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май 04 2017

Best Watercolor Brushes — Procreate 1393456

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Best Watercolor Brushes — Procreate 1393456

Best Watercolor Brushes — Procreate 1393456

brush | 4 mb

There are some beautiful watercolor brushes available for Procreate on the iPad Pro, but a lot of them just weren't cutting it for us. The "feel" of pushing pigment into the tooth of the paper is a very specific, visceral thing. We knew it must be possible to go a step further, so we did.
Welcome to the first in a series of watercolor-specific brushes, designed to allow you to enjoy the same kind of feedback from the screen and Apple Pencil that you get from a paint-laden brush and fine paper.
But there's still no free lunch. Getting the vibe right means understanding how layers and transfer modes work. Some brushes are meant only for the eraser tool — as if you were dabbing with crumpled tissue paper... some are soft washes that you really need to take the time to build up... and if you're not using a "real" paper background, with painting layers set to linear burn (or screen for the lighter pigments) it won't matter WHOSE brushes you buy.

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