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ноя 20 2016

Watercolor Galaxy Sky Design Kit - 1027192

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Метки: Scrap, PNG, Watercolour
Watercolor Galaxy Sky Design Kit - 1027192

Watercolor Galaxy Sky Design Kit - 1027192

PNG, JPG, ASL | 4195x2266 | 520 mb

This Bundle of graphic design goodies comes with hand painted artistic watercolor galaxies (with sparkly stars!), graphic elements which can be used to quickly put together a galaxy inspired design and BONUS gold, rose gold and silver layer styles to achieve that metallic look! The metallics have also been hand-painted using metallic watercolors to get an authentic look.
8 Galaxies in JPEG format at 600 DPI. They are of different dimensions as they were hand painted. Dimensions are 3468 x 2328 px, 4195 x 2266 px, 3288 x 2598 px, 3480 x 2046 px, 3198 x 2022 px, 3480 x 2046 px, 3288 x 2598 px). As these are at 600 DPI, they can be easily stretched out to twice the size mentioned without loss of quality in print.
•42 Graphic Elements as shown in the third preview (click the image to see it all) in PNG format at 300 DPI. These are banners, brush strokes, watercolor forms which will help throw together a quick design.
•BONUS - 6 Gold, Rose Gold & Silver Layer Styles as .asl file. To use these, you need to have Adobe Photoshop. This article has an excellent tutorial on how to install & use such files

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