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июн 08 2011

UNIQUE WordPress theme creator nulled

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UNIQUE WordPress theme creator nulled

UNIQUE WordPress theme creator nulled | 11,9 MB
UNIQUE theme was created to offer to anybody the chance to create a wonderful website, using the wordpress platform. The main feature is color customization of the theme, offering you the ability to choose any color you want for any element.

UNIQUE theme includes a lot of useful features in customizing and creating your website. Se below a short description of each:
Two levels for color customization
UNIQUE theme was created starting from the necessity to change in a easy way the colors of the theme, offering an unlimited choices to its users. You can change anytime any color of any element, using a nice color picker, from the admin panel.
Variable size for image gallery
Because this theme must fit to any type of business, the post photo gallery, blog listing thumbnails, blog post gallery and homepage thumbnails can change it size in the easiest way possible. After you set up the sizes the homepage articles will be displayed in a new way with no other interaction from you.
4 types for homepage promo slider
Homepage sliders are the hot spot of any website. This is the reason why UNIQUE offers you 4 distinct options for this zone:
Two thumbnails slide
One thumbnail slider
Full picture (the actual one)
Full page slider
Custom types easy to change
UNIQUE uses custom types for headings, titles and other elements.
On this preview website you can see just one custom font, but from the admin panel you can modify the type of any element you like, using 10+ free fonts already installed.
Changing header and footer color
Now you can change even the header and footer color. You can choose from 8 colors including all primary colors + white, black and 2 shades of grey. On request any color you like will be made FREE for you. Please follow the support link to learn more.
Building the main menu
The main navigation bar can be customized adding and removing any page or category you like.
More than this you can add even custom link which will open in the same or a new window, for external links.
Any size logo on header and footer
Because your logo can be displayed well on a bigger or smaller size than the default logo of unique theme, the layout will work for any logo size you choose.
Your logo can be displayed on header and footer of the website for a better branding of you project.
Move or remove the sidebar
The positions of website sidebar is a subjective decision depending on which type of website you want to create.
With UNIQUE theme you will be able to choose its position on left or right, and you can remove it from any type of post, creation a wide page post in a very easy way.
Request for quote button options
UNIQUE theme includes a RFQ functionality. You can configure the link of this button, to be different for each post, and you can change the button text or you can remove it from any category.
Send by email RFQ form
The RFQ form is made to complete the entire RFQ functionality. In this way you will be able to communicate with you possible customers, in the easiest way possible.
Blog, products or portfolio on home
If you want to create a blog, products or portfolio website, you can choose to show on homepage an entire category of posts, products or works. Once you will choose this option a secondary sidebar will be created just for your homepage.
WordPress plugins on Unique theme
UNIQUE theme works properly with most of wordpress plugins.
For those who want a customization of any plugin to fit perfectly on this theme, please follow the support link.
UPDATE 1 – 14.04.2010
– An update was made and uploaded – the update includes:
Internet Explorer 7 compatibility
Firefox 2 compatibility
Multi column drop down menus
Some little bug fixes
UPDATE 2 – 05.05.2010
– An update was made and uploaded – the update includes:
Pictures on blog sections
3 more promo sliders
Thumbnails on homepage, and posts resizable from admin
Header and footer different colors
Main menu and footer easy to edit, with internal and external links
Ability to add a category on homepage
Ability to add a category on homepage
Some little bug fixes
… and many more
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