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апр 15 2011

6 Web Polls and Forms Deliciously - GraphicRiver

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6 Web Polls and Forms Deliciously - GraphicRiver

6 Web Polls and Forms Deliciously - GraphicRiver
The file contains 6 sets of deliciously colored web polls, login boxes and subscription forms made with utmost attention to detail. Whether you go for the glossy plastic style or for the brushed metal texture, these sets will surely bring a unique and memorable look to your website. All the PSDs are properly organized – everything is layered (even the icons), named and grouped so that customizing the files is as easy as it can be. The colors are easily adjustable as well- just tweak the layer styles on the shapes and you should get what you need in no time. Don’t be afraid to play around with the colors. The boxes and buttons are designed in such a way that they should look equally good in any color combination and on any kind of background. As a bonus, the file includes two pixel-perfect 512px icons (a pencil that comes in 6 color variations, and an envelope). The font used is Myriad Pro, but any sans-serif font should do the trick.
3 PSD + Preview | 38 Mb

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