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авг 27 2011

GraphicRiver - Smart Business Card

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GraphicRiver - Smart Business Card

Smart Business Card
Have you noticed that you see too many 2D barcodes also known as QR codes almost everywhere these days? On the products, on the magazines etc. These are simple yet very quick way to store and retrieve information rather than traditional old barcodes.
Create an attractive business card with two [FRONT & REVERSE sides] 2D Barcodes[QR Code] which can instantly be read by almost any smartphone.
The information thus read has your contact details which can directly be added as a new contact in the cell phone.
Your web URL address on the REVERSE side which can directly be visited without having to type.
SMART OBJECTS used to make placement of Barcodes a breeze, superquick.
Super quick creation of Barcodes.
5 Vibrant Color Combination Themes with different Styles.
Easy to follow Step-by-Step 8 page PDF instruction file.
Size: 17 mb

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