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июн 21 2016

Awesome Logo & Design Creation Kit - 735780

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Awesome Logo & Design Creation Kit - 735780

Awesome Logo & Design Creation Kit - 735780

PSD, PNG, AI, EPS | 4000x4000 | 1,43 Gb

170 HANDMADE VECTOR ITEMS: You will get 170 handmade vector items for making your own logo or designs using adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. They are amazingly handcrafted, scanned and 100% editable vectors.
110 CIRCLE SHAPES WITH HANDCRAFTED ELEMENTS: All the circles are made using the handmade vector items. So you will test the touch of handcraft in every circles and shapes. You will be able to use them as logo elements, logo base shape or as any design elements.
100 LOGO TYPOGRAPHY USING FREE FONTS: Actually more than 100 typography you can use with circles or without circles, they are all ready. Just download the FREE Fonts, and you are ready to add you own text with any vector item or circle.
40 INSPIRING LOGOS WITH AMAZING COLORS: Yes these 40 logos are 100% ready with circles, type combinations, and amazing colors to save your time. Just install the fonts and edit. These 40 logos also have black and white versions.
10 QUOTE TEXT COMBINATIONS: Who don’t love quotes? For this reason we have made 10 quote text combinations using free fonts, colors, and decorative elements. Just open your favorite style, edit it and use it. All elements are included.
WEDDING CARDS, BIRTHDAY CARDS & CHRISTMAS CARDS: We have made Photoshop templates for Wedding cards, Birthday cards and Christmas cards using free fonts, doodles and colors. With all the creativeness you will say wow!
30 MOST POPULAR WATERCOLOR TEXTURES: Yes handmade watercolor textures in high quality .png files. You can use those textures in any program as you want. You know colors are pretty amazing, adding watercolor in your logo will make everyone wow!
8 HIGH QUALITY FOIL GLITTER PAPER TEXTURES: With the foil paper textures you will be able to use them both as text layer style, logo design or any design project.
100+ HANDMADE DOODLES: Doodles are also handmade for any logo, typography or any design asset. They are also available in Photoshop vector shape and illustrator vector shape.
3 FILE FORMATS, PHOTOSHOP & ILLUSTRATOR READY: You will get all files in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC & EPS formats. We have also included .png files for all items for your quick access and navigation.

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