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мар 01 2015

VideoHive - Elegant Logo Formation Intro Generator 10478162

Разместил: в 22:57
VideoHive - Elegant Logo Formation Intro Generator 10478162

VideoHive - Elegant Logo Formation Intro Generator 10478162
CS4 | Uses Plugins: Optical Flares | Resolution: Resizable | 173mb

With no plugin used, this template or can I say animation generator, is optimized to provide you with stunning animation in few minutes customization, you can load one of the 6 presets Or do your own animation very easily using the powerful animation controllers that are included, the possibilities are infinite, so I strongly suggest you to take the time to watch the 8mn presentation here for deeper look through.
What's Great in this Template? 1-Real-time control panels
Positioning : Adjust position of the logo, title, and the strapline.
Camera Animation : Load a preset, or control : distance, pan, fly over, tilt, focus point and more...
Logo Animation: Load a preset, or control: Anim. type, speed, sens, randomness, parts start position and rotation and more...
Flares: 3 pre-rendered flare to activate and adjust color.
Strapline control panel :Set the position, scale, color and transparency.
Look: Background color, contrast, glow, vignette, ...
2- A fully detailed Video Tutorial of 30mn divided.
Adobe After Effects CS4 Project File.
Resolution: FullHD 1920x1080.
No Plugins required.
52 fast controller to make your customization easy.
30 mn of Video Tutorial.
29.97fps so that you can render also at 24 or 25fps.

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