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май 02 2013

PopUP Domination v3.5.3 For WordPress

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PopUP Domination v3.5.3 For WordPress

PopUP Domination v3.5.3 For WordPress | 3,01 MB

PopUP Domination For WordPress 3.5.3 - Ultimate plugin to increase your list size. Make more money by using our beautiful themes and specific functionality to grow your subscriber list by over 500%.
version 3.5.3
- Added option to notify to email address on opt-in.
- Now closes lighbox on mailchimp already subscribed error
- Changed toggle links to ON/OFF “buttons”
- Removed legacy database code that displayed errors on installs with WP_DEBUG turned on.
- Added mobile device detection to front-end as fallback for WP-Super-Cached pages etc.
- Altered A/B testing cookies to hide lightbox if any of A/B test had been shown.
- Added option to clear this A/B cookie for testing.
- Added which popup was submitted to opt-in to email message.
- Added ability to toggle all checkboxes in display settings to easier enable those with lots of pages to deselect a few.
- Added toggling of help boxes – default closed.
- Added UX prompt to toggle new campaigns ON
- Added UX prompt to direct to mailing list manager from within campaign mailing list tab.
- Added animation options to display popup.
- Disabled theme backups – too inefficient




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