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май 11 2013

CodeCanyon - Before-After Viewer v1.5.1 - Wordpress Plugin

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Метки: script, php, js, module, cms
CC - Before-After Viewer v1.5.1 - Wordpress Plugin

CC - Before-After Viewer v1.5.1 - Wordpress Plugin | 1,45 MB

It can handle one before-after project or a list.
Every project can have a title/small info, that will displayed under the viewer.
Designed to work in all major browsers and even on touch devices.
Can be used even as simple image viewer, if you don't provide the alternate image for the projects.
Has integrated two skins designs for controls. Can toggle between them with a simple parameter set to true.
UPDATE 1.5.1 - 12 feb 2013
- fixes an error with IE8;
- adds a tweak to work together with SEO plugins;
- tweaked css file to make images visible on templates with visibility: hidden set on images.
FILE UPDATE - Version 1.5 - 26-dec-2012
- tweaks for touch interface: draggable slider on touch
- removed the jQuery-Draggable plugin and replaced with a custom script to prevent compatibility issues
- updated included version of jQuery to version 1.8




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