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май 24 2013

CodeCanyon - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress v1.0

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CC - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress v1.0

CC - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress v1.0 | 1,89 MB

WordPress Watermark Processor plugin allows you to add watermark(s) of any type (text or image) to ANY image on your wordpress site. Yes, you heard that right! This plugin does not restricts the ability of applying watermarks only to the images uploaded by wordpress. Besides WordPress images it has native support for "NextGEN Gallery" plugin and provides a tool that helps to set up rules for applying watermark(s) to random image(s). Also it is important to understand that you can create and apply unlimited numbers of watermarks. As was mentioned above plugin supports two watermarks types: text and image. The most interesting features supported by both types: multiple positions, dynamic size, rotating and transparency (really well made). Cool? But wait a minute, there are still a bunch of great features you should to know about. Unlike other plugins that don't care about website speed and performance we paid a great attention to this issue. Now you can use smart and fast caching system which dramatically increases plugin performance (in some configuration it even does not use PHP to validate the cache). What about old images? In general way (with default settings) you don't have to worry about it because plugin will automatically populate the cache by watermarked images. In other cases you can use "Batch Watermarking" tool to watermark all of your images (located in separate directory or uploaded by wordpress). All these features in conjunction with user friendly interface (including awesome "Live Preview") lets call this plugin the most professional and advanced solution on market.

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