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июн 05 2013

YooTheme - YT Tasty v1.0.2 - Template For Wordpress 3.x

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YooTheme - YT Tasty v1.0.2 - Template For Wordpress 3.x

YooTheme - YT Tasty v1.0.2 - Template For Wordpress 3.x | 16,3 MB

Take a bite of our delicious new theme Tasty! Thanks to its extremely versatile design, Tasty is not just a great choice for caterers or restaurant and food shop owners, but for anybody seeking a fresh and clean looking theme.
Our new club theme comes packed with great features. First of all, there's the unique parallax scroll effect that offers you a cool new way of presenting the teaser images in your header or other horizontally centered module positions. Secondly, we've added bonus styles for the Gallery and Slideshow widgets to perfectly match the theme and enhanced them with the new "scale" effect from our latest Widgetkit version. And as a little extra treat, Tasty also features a matching icon set with customizable icons for gastronomy as well as social networks.
But this theme has even more delicacies to offer. You get to choose from an extensive range of 8 style variations, 8 colors, 9 backgrounds and 15 fonts. In addition to this, we have provided 5 different wrapper styles, thus offering you even more combination possibilities for giving your website a truly unique look.




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