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ноя 22 2014

AppThemes - HireBee v1.2 - WordPress freelance marketplace theme

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Метки: web template, theme, html
AppThemes - HireBee v1.2 - WordPress freelance marketplace theme

AppThemes - HireBee v1.2 - WordPress freelance marketplace theme

HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. Employers post projects and freelancers start the bidding. You setup the pricing plans and take a cut of each project. It's easy to monetize any niche by providing a crowdsourced project matchmaking service!
1.2 - 09/22/2014
- 404 error when visiting a project page after completing the checkout process, with projects moderation enabled
- Proposals currency defaulting to USD throughout the site
- Fatal error when editing a project from the backend
- Editable proposals/projects on non-active projects
- SSL issues with facebook widget
- Endless loop on credits purchase plan select page when project posting set to free
- Projects admin menu item displaying two icons
- Missing translation domains on some strings
- Invalid orders URL on orders actions admin notification
- Tip baloon when hovering information icon on agreement form not showing
- Non editable project durations sometimes showing an empty duration (should always display 30 as default)
- Form submit on workspaces always redirecting to dashboard project listings
- Empty categories not showing on the categories listings
- Replaced 'Reset Credits Monthly' checkbox with a 'Free Monthly Credits' input option for additional control over offered credits
- Projects proposals are now only visible to registered users
- Added PayPal Adaptive Payments for escrow transactions
- Added Escrow settings page
. Charge Flat Fees on Escrow transactions
. Charge Percentage based Fees on Escrow transactions
- Sidebar for escrow funds transfer
- Display agreed budget price on workspaces 'Terms' Tab
- Display total amount for 'per hour' budget types on workspaces. e.g: 100$ (2h*50$)

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