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мар 10 2016

Chronicle v2.0 - Magazine Theme - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 113017

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Chronicle v2.0 - Magazine Theme - Creativemarket 113017

Chronicle - Magazine Theme - CrеаtivеМаrкеt 113017

Chronicle is a magazine theme. With three optional widget areas, featured posts, and a huge homepage slider there are lots of options for creating interesting, immersive websites?-?perfect for sites with lots of categories and content. Chronicle is a child theme of Broadsheet. This means that when you buy Chronicle you also get Broadsheet thrown in for free. Both themes are required to be uploaded to your WordPress site for Chronicle to work. While Chronicle was designed to power magazine and newspaper sites, it's equally suitable for bloggers, scrapbookers, and writers who want to add a bit of visual flair to their site. Featuring a fully customizable homepage, that allows you to have four, three, two, or one columns, you really can customize what is displayed, making your site look the way you want it to. Chronicle is also very visual - using featured content and a massive homepage slider, you really can bring your biggest stories to the front.

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