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ноя 05 2013

Universal AJAX Filter JoomShopping for joomla 2.5 - 3.x

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Universal AJAX Filter JoomShopping for joomla 2.5 - 3.x

Universal AJAX Filter JoomShopping for joomla 2.5 - 3.x | 497 KB

Universal AJAX Filter - is developing a new generation algorithm with recycled and new opportunities.
Each online store has a sufficiently large quantity of goods in stock, is faced with the need to provide convenience for the customer to send it on the shortest path to the product with definite parameters of interest to the client.
If your store many products, such as 1000 or more. How can we help you find the right buyer? Of course, you can be satisfied with amazement from one client only your range, but perhaps that was not the purpose of setting up shop. The shop is not a museum, it should not look and buy. In real stores work with a client spends manager and consultant, who usually asks a few questions and getting answers, makes the choice of place of or in conjunction with the client.
In the virtual store as a consultant performs filter products. Yes, the most common filter products. He is a consultant who is asking questions (shows the available options), and depending on the answers shows the desired tovary.Imenno filter is the vital link that provides the shortest path to the client's order page.
Make purchases are of several kinds. The sale with large segments of the division - it's emotional and informed purchase.

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