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ноя 17 2013

CodeCanyon - YoGallery v1.0

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CC - YoGallery v1.0

CC - YoGallery v1.0 | 578 KB

If there is one thing in WordPress we would all like to change, it would be gallery functionality: It is easy to handle, and yes, we love it, but it is also limited and cumbersome in the options and looks department. YoGallery is a magical plugin that fixes and adds functionality to your beloved, built-in, WordPress gallery. No more installing additional gallery plugins, confusion, duplicated galleries, complicated settings and so on. There is no need to be a super-WordPress-geek to have a jaw-dropping gallery. You can have one too. Simply install the YoGallery plugin and carry on with managing your galleries as you would normally do. It is a really simple and elegant solution. We love it, and hope you will too. Looking forward to your feedback!

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