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дек 02 2014

WooThemes - WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.7.4

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WooThemes - WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.7.4

WooThemes - WooCommerce Product Bundles v4.7.4

Create configurable product bundles and kits by combining simple and variable products.
Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies: Bundle a few products together, sell them at a discount price and watch the sales go up! However, product bundling is not all about boosting sales: Product grouping is a very common way to create complex products, product kits or assemblies that consist of multiple parts. Often, these parts may need to be stock-managed individually, bundled in multiples, or even be entirely optional.
2014.11.22 - version 4.7.4
* Fix - Revert is_checkout conditional from button templates hook.
2014.11.19 - version 4.7.3
* Fix - 'Free!' string display conditions in line with WC 2.1+.
* Tweak - Tweaks for future One Page Checkout support.
* Tweak - Remove WC 2.0 compatibility code and resources.
* Fix - Bundle price is displayed wrong in the summary under certain conditions.
2014.11.12 - version 4.7.2
* Fix - Resolve variation image refreshing issues.
2014.10.30 - version 4.7.1
* Feature - Add multiple instances of simple products. Useful for implementing simple bulk discounts by marking additional instances of the same simple product as optional and adding discounts to them.
* Tweak - Bundles with optional items must fall back to "From:" price html format.
* Tweak - Composited bundle template additions.
* Tweak - Unavailable JS message when price is undefined in static pricing mode.
2014.10.26 - version 4.7.0
* Important - v4.7.0 is a major update. Before updating any live websites, please test everything on a local/staging environment and as always, backup your website!
* Important - Template files have been modified to implement optional bundled items and other fixes/tweaks. Please update any overridden template files!
* Feature - Ability to mark bundled items as optional.
* Feature - Composite Products support. Product Bundles can be added in Composite Products as Component Options. Requires Composite Products v2.5.0+.
* Fix - Fixed the add-to-cart price string of Bundles that contain a Subscription.
* Fix - Re-ordering fixes.
* Fix - Fixed bundle-level add-ons having no effect on price.
* Tweak - Refactored JS add-to-cart script.
* Tweak - To improve UX and conversions, the add to cart button is no longer hidden when bundled product options are missing. Instead, the button is disabled and a "To continue, please choose product options..." message is shown above the button. The "woocommerce_bundles_button_behaviour" filter can be used to disable this new behaviour.
* Tweak - Improved back and front end performance by initializing bundled product data on demand.
* Tweak - Introduced WC_Bundled_Stock_Data class for validating bundled stock.
* Tweak - Refactored WC_Bundled_Item and WC_Product_Bundle classes.
* Tweak - Updated bundled item availability method.
* Tweak - Introduce 'woocommerce_bundle_force_old_style_price_html' filter to force "From:" style price html strings.
* Tweak - Introduced Composited Product Bundle template (composited-product/bundle-product.php).

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