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июн 12 2018

- Activ'Map v2.0.0 - Nearby Places - Responsive POI Gmaps - 10036421

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CodeCanyon - Activ'Map v2.0.0 - Nearby Places - Responsive POI Gmaps - 10036421

- Activ'Map v2.0.0 - Nearby Places - Responsive POI Gmaps - 10036421

jQuery Activ’Map Plugin a powerfull Map with your own Nearby Places. The perfect plugin to research and locate custom services and equipments in a city. Activ’Map is a jQuery plugin using the Google Maps API V3 and Bootstrap 3.x which displays a map with markers sorted by categories. Activmap plugin is a responsive and powerful nearby places plugin. Add your own filters and use custom places with your own content from direct input or JSON file. The map is automatically updated to show all markers when you select a filter. When you select a marker, the popup will show you the details of the place. The corresponding entry will be highlighted in the resuts panel. Places in the panel are stored by distance from the center of the map. The markers are clustered on zooming out. Enter an address in the location field to center the map on this location. Choose a radius value to show only places which are located in the selected radius from the center of the map, the location previously entred or your current position. A button geolocates the user, another targets the results. The map is updated to show all visible markers. Finally, you can reset the map to its original state by clicking on the reset button. Display Activ’Map on desktop as well as on mobile devices keeping its ease of use. Enjoy a user-friendly interface for a clean design, more space and clear content. Use one of the provided theme, edit the style or create yours keeping the layout or not. Customize the map style with Snazzy Map.

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