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сен 04 2014

Cartoon Businesswoman Wearing Glasses

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Cartoon Businesswoman Wearing Glasses

Cartoon Businesswoman Wearing Glasses
PSD, AI, PNG, IPG | 877 Mb

Cartoon businesswoman designed in 75 poses and moods. We have created lots of poses that will suit any business project. Our cartoon businesswoman is perfect for designs related to business and finance.
Cartoon businesswoman with neat and smart look. Our cartoon businesswoman could be used as an office assistant, secretary girl and even as a teacher. We have designed 75 poses filled with energy and life. Some of the poses contain iPads, iPhones, laptops, books and calculators. Thats perfect for your business projects.
Our cartoon businesswoman looks good at doing business. She is dressed formally and it looks like she knows how to work smart. We assure you that our cartoon businesswoman will produce trusty look to your projects. You know that placing a cartoon businesswoman to a design related project is always a good idea. Cartoon characters produce welcome and friendly look. And thats a good point for your projects.
Let us give you a piece of advice. Put any of the presentation poses into action. As soon as you place your text there, be sure that your message will get noticed. These poses are also suitable for sliders and featured areas.
There are some special bonuses included in all packs. We have designed 10 highly detailed backgrounds. These backgrounds will help you to present your message much easier. There is no need to bother yourself with creating custom shapes and backgrounds. We have already done this for you!
Note that only the ultimate pack contains editable vector files. That is the only pack that could help you to create more poses and edit the ready-made characters. We have included a symbol library that contains all body elements. This way its much easier to create more postures. You just have to mix and match the objects. Note that you will need Adobe Illustrator in order to come up with more poses.
Some of the poses are presented with:
Travel bags.
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