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мар 20 2019

WooCommerce - Waitlist v2.0.12

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WooCommerce - Waitlist v2.0.12

WooCommerce - Waitlist v2.0.12

Keep customers happy with back-in-stock notifications. Automatically notify customers when a product becomes available for purchase. The WooCommerce Waitlist extension lets you track demand for out-of-stock items, making sure your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy. Using a simple plugin, you can build up a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify these customers automatically when products come back in stock. Set up in seconds: It’s really easy to install and will instantly start turning missed opportunities into future sales. Customers register for an email alert to let them know when a product is back in stock, increasing the likelihood they’ll wait and shop with you instead of going to a competitor. It makes people feel valued by your business, and allows you to replenish stock intelligently based on demand. Key features: allow customers to be notified when they can purchase an item that is currently out of stock; easily identify ‘most wanted’ products to prioritise re-stocking; allow customers to easily review and edit their waiting lists; maintain a record of users that have been emailed an in-stock notification; easily manage your waitlists from the WordPress admin; add the waitlist elements for any product anywhere you choose using our shortcode; plug-and-play functionality – just install, activate and go!

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