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май 14 2011

ArtExplosion Business Card Factory Deluxe

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ArtExplosion Business Card Factory Deluxe

ArtExplosion Business Card Factory Deluxe

When it comes to making business cards that express your professional image, no one knows your business better than you do. So why trust your business cards to expensive designers and printers? With Art Explosion Business Card Factory Deluxe, you can create professional business cards you’d swear were commercially printed in just minutes. Guaranteed.
Business Card Factory is incredibly easy to use. Simply choose from 2,500 ready-made designs for virtually every type of business. Or, if you prefer, create your own designs with more than 30,000 clip art images including 750 logo elements and 1500 photographs.

2,500+ Ready-Made Professional Designs
30,000+ Premium-Quality Clip Art Images and Photographs
500 TrueType Fonts
Built-In Address Book
Wide Variety of Custom Text Effects
Support for Vertical and Folding Cards
Compatible with Inkjet and Laser Printers
Print to Blank or Pre-Printed Cards
FREE: Paper Pack Included

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